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Why Your brand needs GIFs

Giphy is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world

Over 10 Billion gifs are viewed on Giphy alone EVERY DAY

Authentic MOBILE MESSENGER Content distribution

What’s going on?

GIFs are making a big comeback. Brands are starting to see past their entertainment utility to uncover its business value as an emerging media channel.

Besides adding color and personality to interaction, GIFs tell compelling brand stories, driving emotional connection and engagement + wayyy cooler than emojis. If a picture’s worth 1000 words, imagine how much appeal animated GIFs pack in their eye-popping visual sequence of motion pictures. Turns out, pretty large numbers!

As visual content commands more shares than other content forms on Social Media, done right, entertaining and relatable GIFs can blow your brand engagement through the roof as you go viral, putting you in front of your target audience.

Millions of businesses are deploying GIFs to deliver messaging, move with cultural trends, and spruce up marketing.

Our approach to GIF marketing is rooted in the science of virality: Communicate brand messaging with fun, and invite fans to join in!

What we offer

We make unique stickers for you

If you're an influencer or a brand, you can elevate your coolness and enhance your recognition in social networks and messengers by ordering our custom stickers. Our stickers are designed to reflect your unique style and personality, making you stand out in a fun and engaging way.

Light up your Brand across Messenger Search

For every audience, there’s the perfect influencer. Matchmake your brand, tapping into the following of top influencers to increase branded GIF reach. Circulate your GIFs collections for global reach using our army of leading GIF creator accounts. We handle it all: from campaign concepts to results using goal-oriented and data-driven KPIs.

Creative GIFs for brand accounts

Roll out brand GIFs with a dedicated team of graphic designers, GIF-smiths, and animation experts. Lead your business on to become the next viral sensation with snazzy GIFs that make the internet less cringe and promote your brand. Create a delightful and authentic user experience for your brand account, whichever your marketing use case.

Brand Accounts

Create and build your GIF brand account to join the top brands killing it on Giphy/Tenor. Get your GIF marketing done right with brand accounts. Slap descriptive, easy-to-find tags on your brand GIFs to pop up in integrated GIF search.

Launch your Brand GIFs to become publicly available. Liven up illustrative brand content with GIFs across Instagram stories and reels, or apps like Videoshop.

Get animated

Book your brand’s spot in a fast-growing media channel

An attention magnet of a marketing tool, forward-thinking brands are rolling out GIFs to gain exposure and attract more followers as they grow. With your brand goals in mind, we ideate optimal GIF marketing strategies and launch on-brand, audience-led GIFs campaigns that communicate your brand message on social through made-for-you GIFs. No more flippin’ through pre-created GIFs of databases. Get authentic, on-brand concepts tailored to your marketing!

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