The GIPHY Money Calculator: Discover Potential Earnings

by Federica Rustico

12 min read
Last Updated: May 26, 2023

GIFs have become an incredibly popular way to express emotions and bring a bit of lightheartedness into the mix. They’re funny, shareable, and can be used to engage audiences on social media in new and exciting ways. But did you know that GIFs can also be a great source of income? Today, we’ll explore how GIPHY has made it easier than ever to make money through GIFs and how you can calculate your potential earnings with our GIPHY money calculator. We’ll cover the basics of getting started, the different monetization strategies available on GIPHY, and talk to you about our latest tool, the Giphy Money Calculator, that allows you to get a better idea of potential earnings from GIFs. Let’s get this party started!

The GIPHY money calculator

The Giphy Money Calculator is a great tool for gauging potential earnings from your GIFs, it can provide you with an accurate estimate of how much money you can expect to make from your GIFs. The tool below is not an official GIPHY tool and not in any way associated or endorsed by GIPHY. This tool was developed to provide earning potential guidelines to GIPHY brand channels.

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What Is GIPHY?

GIPHY is the world’s largest platform for discovering, creating, and sharing GIFs. It has become the go-to spot for folks who want to liven up their online connections since it is a central hub for discovering and sharing creative and interesting content. Artists and creators can upload their own content to GIPHY and explore the possibility of monetizing it through brand partnerships and sponsored content.

Getting Started With GIPHY

In case you missed it, GIPHY currently serves over 10 billion GIFs everyday. GIPHY CEO Alex Chung said in 2019 that the company was the world's second-largest search engine after only Google. That's a big deal. Now wonder the world's largest corporations use GIFs to communicate with their customers on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms and messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The good news is that you can do it too, all you have to do is se up your account. You can sign up either as an individual or as a business, both are free. Still, not just anybody can go ahead and post a GIF. Or, to put it another way: anyone can share a GIF, but not everyone can share a GIF that can be found through a search. If you want to make money through GIFs, your GIFs need to be discoverable not only on GIPHY but on all of its integrated platforms. To make your GIFs discoverable via GIPHY search, which is built into all major messaging applications and social media platforms, you will require a recognized GIPHY brand channel. All social networking applications now support GIFs and GIF stickers, and GIPHY’s latest partnerships count TikTok and Spotify, so it's safe to say that GIPHY can integrate with just about anything.

The GIPHY Money Calculator: Discover Potential Earnings

GIPHY requires all content displayed in third-party messaging and social networking apps to originate from a verified brand channel, ensuring that all content is appropriate for all audiences. Fairness aside, the process is straightforward, and we have no problem with it. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a GIPHY account. Once you have created an account on GIPHY, you will be able to apply for a brand channel. It takes anything from 24 hours to two weeks to get accepted after submitting the simple application. But don’t make me repeat myself, check out my post about how to create a GIPHY brand channel in 8 easy steps for specific guidelines.  

How to grow your reach on GIPHY

As one of the largest communities for sharing and discovering GIFs online, GIPHY can be a powerful asset for any business looking to expand their brand's exposure. Building your audience and following is your top priority after GIPHY approves your brand channel. In this piece, I'll share several methods that have worked for me in the past and may work for you as well.

1. Develop material that is both informative and engaging

To increase your visibility on GIPHY, you should start by making material that is both engaging and informative for your intended audience. Make sure your GIFs are engaging to the eye, simple to comprehend, and reflective of your brand's ethos.

Researching and analyzing the interests and preferences of your target audience is vital to producing content that is both relevant and interesting. If you know what your target audience is looking for online and the kinds of GIFs they're most likely to interact with, you can give them what they're looking for and get them to share your work with their friends.

2. Improve the quality of your tags

A significant aspect in expanding your GIPHY audience is fine-tuning your tags and descriptions. Tags and descriptions for your GIFs should be relevant to the material they accompany but should also include popular and trending keywords that your audience is likely to use when looking for GIFs.

Tag your GIFs with relevant keywords, such as "fashion," "style," and "trendy" if you own a fashion brand, for instance. If you want your material to be seen outside the confines of GIPHY, you can also try using hashtags that are trending on other social media sites.

The GIPHY Money Calculator: Discover Potential Earnings

3. Share your GIPHY channel

In order to gain exposure and new subscribers, it is necessary to publicize your GIPHY channel on other platforms. Your current audience can be enticed to check out your GIPHY channel by posting a link to it on your website or by sharing your GIFs on social media.

It's also a good idea to think about forming strategic alliances with competing businesses or influential figures in your field in order to launch a joint GIF marketing campaign. It's possible to get a larger GIPHY audience by collaborating with other users and boosting each other's channels.

4. Take part in GIPHY's featured content

GIPHY's homepage and search results are routinely updated to showcase the latest and greatest in both quality and popularity in the GIF format. Make your GIFs more discoverable by a larger audience and enhance your chances of being featured on their site by developing content that is complementary to their featured content.

You may also take part in GIPHY's events and campaigns to boost your visibility and likelihood of getting featured. Content that fits with the themes of the campaigns and events that GIPHY does in partnership with businesses and organizations can help you get more views and subscribers.

5. Use the metrics provided by GIPHY

Finally, you may maximize your content's impact by consulting GIPHY's metrics. You can track the views, shares, and impressions of your GIFs on GIPHY to get a complete picture of their success. With this information, you can determine which GIFs are most popular with your target demographic and tailor your content strategy appropriately. In addition, you can use GIPHY's analytics to learn what people are searching for and what's trending, both of which can help you shape your own content and stay ahead of the curve. Applying these learnings to your content creation process will increase your visibility and readership on GIPHY.

To sum up, increasing your GIPHY audience size calls for a number of co strategy that entails producing top-notch material, tweaking it for optimal performance, spreading the word, and analyzing the results. You can build a successful GIPHY channel that attracts a devoted and engaged audience by concentrating on five key strategies and keeping up with the latest trends and developments on the site.

Remember that it will take time and persistent effort to establish yourself as a credible presence on GIPHY. Although it's easy to just keep cranking out material, it's just as vital to interact with your audience and other authors on the site. You may show that you're invested in the GIPHY community by responding to comments and direct messages, as well as by reposting and sharing material from other channels.

Understanding the various material formats supported by GIPHY can also help you increase your profile's exposure and activity. GIPHY is not limited to just animated GIFs; it also provides stickers, memes, and even GIPHY Clips (GIFs with sound). To increase your channel's visibility and the number of people that subscribe to it, try out a variety of formats to see which ones work best.

Last but not least, it's crucial that you always be aware of what's new on GIPHY. The platform is always changing, and the addition of features like GIPHY Stories and GIPHY Arcade can provide you with interesting new ways to interact with your audience. You may expand your influence and viewership on GIPHY by trying out new tools and features often.

In conclusion, increasing your visibility on GIPHY calls for a dynamic approach that includes the production of high-quality material as well as optimization, promotion, and analysis of said content. You may build a large, devoted fan base by adhering to these guidelines and never leaving your GIPHY channel inactive. You can grow your audience and cement your position as an industry leader on GIPHY by trying out different strategies and taking advantage of emerging opportunities on the platform.

Different Monetization Strategies on GIPHY

In order to make money on GIPHY as either a brand channel or an artist, you can take advantage of a number of various monetization options. Among these methods are sponsored GIF campaigns, brand partnerships, and license agreements. Let's go deeper into each of these revenue-driving approaches and see how you can put them to action on GIPHY.

The GIPHY Money Calculator: Discover Potential Earnings

1. Sponsored GIF campaigns

GIPHY's most common method of making money is through "sponsored GIF campaigns," which include making specialized GIFs for a company or group. In your capacity as a brand channel, you may collaborate with a sponsor to produce and disseminate a set of GIFs advertising that sponsor's goods or services over the GIPHY network. You may be able to promote your work to a larger audience through the sponsor's promotional channels and receive financial recompense for your efforts. Having content that is consistent with the sponsor's brand and messaging is crucial for the success of any sponsored GIF campaign. Create content that speaks to the tastes and passions of your intended readers.

2. Brand partnerships

Sponsored GIF campaigns aren't the only way to make money on GIPHY; brand relationships are another source of income. Collaborating with other companies in your field to launch joint marketing campaigns or host industry-wide events is an example of a brand partnership. Working with others on the platform can boost your visibility and the number of people who see your content, both of which can raise your platform's revenue and the number of people who interact with your content. The best way to find out about brand collaboration opportunities is to network with other GIPHY channels and producers. You may prove your worth to the GIPHY community and gain access to more commercial opportunities by interacting with their posts, sharing their GIFs, and working with them on joint projects.

3. Licensing deals

One way to make money on GIPHY is to offer your videos for licensing. Allowing other companies to use your GIFs in their own marketing and advertising campaigns in exchange for a license fee or royalty payment is an example of a licensing contract. If you've put time and effort into creating content, licensing partnerships might help you recoup some of that investment through royalty payments and other means of passive revenue. The key to successfully negotiating GIPHY licensing arrangements is to develop your brand as a reliable and high-quality content provider. Having a licensing agency or other intermediaries on your side during transaction negotiations and IP protection is a smart move.

4. Ad revenue

Finally, advertising is another way to make money on GIPHY. Brands and businesses can take advantage of GIPHY's many advertising options, such as sponsored GIFs, branded channels, and native ad placements. You can get your material in front of more people and maybe even make some money off of it if you advertise on the site. Successful advertising on GIPHY requires careful demographic targeting and the production of aesthetically appealing and interesting content. You may learn more about how your target audience responds to your brand and messaging by experimenting with various ad forms and placements.

In conclusion, as a business or artist channel on GIPHY, you have a number of options for making money. Sponsored GIF campaigns, brand partnerships, licensing deals, and advertising solutions are all ways to monetize your content and see a return on your investment. Successful users of GIPHY pay attention to three things: producing engaging content, networking with other channels and producers, and keeping up with platform developments. If you take the appropriate steps, you can create a profitable GIPHY channel that increases brand awareness and loyalty.

Wrapping Up

GIFs have become a standard component of online culture. Because of their adaptability and ingenuity, GIFs can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from expressing feelings and conveying humor to promoting a product or service.

As a GIPHY artist, you have multiple options for making money off your work and building a steady income. You may turn your love of making GIFs into a viable business if you focus on producing high-quality, entertaining content, cultivating an audience, and employing monetization tactics like sponsored content and item sales. 

While for brands and marketers, GIFs provide a new and effective channel to connect with their target demographics. Promoting your products and services and forging deeper connections with clients can be accomplished through the use of GIFs by teaming up with GIPHY artists or developing your own branded material.

Overall, the GIF community is growing and changing rapidly as new styles, formats, and trends emerge. Whether your role in the GIF ecosystem—casual user, GIPHY artist, or marketer—knowing what's new in the GIF world will help you appreciate their worth and maximize their potential. Create, share, and revel in the fantastic realm of GIFs, and don’t forget to use our GIPHY money calculator to estimate potential earnings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GIPHY free?

There is no cost to create a GIPHY account, and doing so allows you to post GIFs.

Do GIF artists make money?

Yes and there are many ways for GIF aritsts to monetize their work, including advertising revenue, brand collaborations, and custom commissions.

How much do you charge for a GIF?

The price of a GIF will change based on its intricacy, the difficulty of the design, and the amount of work spent making it. It's possible to find GIF artists that charge an hourly rate, but you may also find those who charge a flat rate for the entire job. An suitable fee for a GIF artist's services can only be determined after a conversation about your individual goals and budget.