How to Open a Creator Channel on GIPHY

by Federica Rustico

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Last Updated: June 07, 2023

Have you ever searched for the perfect response to a message or post by scrolling through animated GIFs for hours on end? If so, you're probably well acquainted with GIPHY, the best place to find everything GIF-related. GIPHY has become the go-to platform for people who want to express themselves through animated GIFs because of the huge amount of user-generated content it has. There's a GIF for every mood and event, from funny memes to cute animals. But did you know that GIPHY has a creator program which lets artists and designers upload and share their own original work with a wider audience? Yup.

If you're an artist who wants to reach more people and show off your work in a fun and interesting way, opening a creator account on GIPHY is a no-brainer. Today, we'll show you how to make a creator account, upload your work, and promote it to a specific audience. This guide will give you all the tools and tips you need to do well on GIPHY, whether you are a professional artist or just starting out. So, let's get started and show the world your amazing art.

Signing Up for GIPHY

The first thing to do if you don't already have a GIPHY account is to make one. You can create a GIPHY account with your Apple or Facebook account. You can also sign up for GIPHY by entering your email address and typing a password.

How to Open a Creator Channel on GIPHY

Once you have created a GIPHY account, you can proceed to create a creator channel. To do this, you will need to submit an application to Giphy's creator program. The application process involves filling out a form and providing information about your artwork and social media profiles.

Creating Artwork for GIPHY

Once you've been accepted into GIPHY's creator program, you can start making artwork for the site. GIPHY accepts many different kinds of art, such as drawings, animations, and 3D models. But there are some rules you should follow to make sure your art works best on GIPHY's platform.

First of all, GIPHY suggests that your art be in GIF format. GIFs are short animations that can be played over and over again. They are great for sharing on social media and messaging apps. They also work with most devices and platforms, so a wide range of people can use them.

GIPHY also suggests that you make artwork that stands out and is easy to remember. Your art should stand out and get people's attention. You can do this by using bright colors, interesting shapes, and different kinds of animation.

GIPHY also suggests that you make art that is current and relevant. You should think about making art that is about current events, trends, or things that are popular. This will help more people see your artwork on GIPHY's platform.

Uploading Artwork to GIPHY

Once you have created artwork for GIPHY, the next step is to upload it to the platform. GIPHY offers a dedicated upload portal that allows you to submit your artwork quickly and easily. To upload artwork to GIPHY, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your GIPHY account and navigate to the Upload Portal.
  2. Select the file you want to upload and enter the relevant information, such as the title, description, and tags.
  3. Click on the "Upload to GIPHY" button to submit your artwork.

It's important to remember that GIPHY has strict rules about what kinds of art can be uploaded to the site. Your art should be unique and creative, and it shouldn't steal anyone else's ideas. Also, you can't upload any pornographic, violent, or offensive artwork to GIPHY.

Promoting Artwork on GIPHY

Once you've put your art on GIPHY the next step is to tell more people about it. GIPHY uses a search algorithm to decide how many people will see your art on the site. Your art will rank higher in GIPHY's search results the more people interact with it.

How to Open a Creator Channel on GIPHY

Promote your artwork on social media

Promoting your art on social media is a good way to get it seen by more people and get more attention on GIPHY. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have billions of active users, making them great places to share your art and find new fans.

When promoting your art on social media, it's important to make content that your target audience will find interesting. This can be done by showing off your most recent work, giving behind-the-scenes looks at your creative process, or giving sneak peeks at projects you have coming up. You can also use hashtags to help people who are interested in your niche or style find the content you post.

To get the most out of social media promotion, you need to be active on more than one platform. Each platform has its own audience and features, so if you use more than one, you can reach a wider range of people and make your marketing efforts more diverse. Also, if you talk to your followers and other artists on social media, you can build a sense of community and make it more likely that your work will be shared or recommended.

When you share your art on social media, it's a good idea to include a call to action that tells people to check out your GIPHY profile or follow you on the site. You can do this by putting a link to your GIPHY profile in your social media bio or by asking people to do something in the captions of your posts.

Overall, sharing your art on social media is a key part of growing your GIPHY presence and getting more followers. By making content that is interesting, using multiple platforms, and including calls to action, you can get more people to see your art and build a strong group of people who love it.

Promote your artwork in emails

Embedding your GIPHY art in emails, blog posts, or websites is another way to get people to see it. This can be a good way to show off your art to a specific audience and get more people interested. GIPHY gives you embed codes that you can put on your website or blog to show off your art. By adding a GIF to an email, you can make it more interesting and catchy, which makes it more likely that your subscribers will read it and interact with it.

You can use GIPHY in email marketing campaigns by making your own GIFs or using ones that are already there in the GIPHY library. Make sure to choose GIFs that fit with your brand and message, and keep them short and sweet so you don't overwhelm your subscribers.

You can also use hashtags to make your art on GIPHY easier for people to find. Hashtags are words or phrases that are used to organize content on social media sites. You can add relevant hashtags to your art to help people find it when they look for related content.

Collaborate with other artists

Collaboration with other artists or brands is another good way to get your work seen on Giphy. You can make a set of GIFs that all have the same style or theme and then promote each other's work. This will help your art be seen by more people and reach a larger audience. Using GIPHY to work with other artists can be a great way to reach more people and find new fans. You can work with other artists to make a piece of art together or help each other get their work out there.

How to Open a Creator Channel on GIPHY

You can use GIPHY's search function to look for artists or topics that are related to what you're interested in if you want to find people to work with. You can also get in touch with artists and ask them to work together. When working with other artists, make sure to set clear goals and ways of communicating. Make sure to talk about the scope of the project, the deadlines, and any other details right away to avoid confusion later.

Optimizing Artwork for Discoverability

If you want more people to see your art on GIPHY, you should make it easy to find. That means you should implement something called GIF Engine Optimization, aka using keywords, tags, and descriptions that accurately describe your art and make it easier to find is one way to do this.

How to Open a Creator Channel on GIPHY

You should use relevant keywords in the title, description, and tags when you upload your art to GIPHY. These keywords should accurately describe your art and make it easier for people to find when they are looking for related content. You should also use tags to put your art into groups and make it easier to find. GIPHY has a lot of tags you can use to organize your artwork, such as emotions, reactions, and references to pop culture.

Lastly, you should give a clear, short description of your art. Your description should give a short summary of your art and say what it means. This will help people figure out what your art is about and make it more interesting.

Using Analytics To Track Your Performance

By using analytics to track how well your GIFs do, you can learn a lot about how your audience acts and what they like. By checking your analytics dashboard often, you can see how your artwork is doing and make decisions based on the data to improve your content and get more people to interact with it.

The number of times your art has been seen is an important metric to keep track of. This metric can tell you how many people are looking at your art and how well-known it is on the platform. If you see that some of your artwork is getting more views than others, you can try to make more content like the ones that are doing well.

The number of times your art has been shared is another important metric to keep track of. Shares show how much people like your content and pass it along to their own networks. If you see that people are sharing a lot of certain pieces of art, you can try to make more content that is similar in style or theme.

Likes are another important metric to keep an eye on because they show how much people like your art. Even though likes don't always lead to as much engagement as shares, they can still be a good sign of how well your content is resonating with your audience.

Overall, using analytics to track how well your GIPHY works can help you learn more about your audience and make your content strategy better over time. By looking at your data and making decisions based on what you find, you can make artwork that is more interesting and build a loyal following on the platform.

Creating Branded GIFs for Your business or Organization

If you have a business or organization, you can use GIPHY to make branded GIFs that promote your brand and get people interested. Branded GIFs can be used in social media campaigns, email marketing, and other forms of digital marketing.

You can work with a graphic designer to make branded GIFs, or you can use GIPHY's design tools to make your own art. Make sure to include your brand's logo or other identifying features, and use colors and design elements that match your brand's personality and values.

Tips for Creating Engaging Artwork

To be successful on GIPHY, you need to make interesting art that people can relate to. Here are some ideas that will help you make art that people will love:

Best Practices for Using GIPHY

It's important to follow some best practices if you want to get the most out of your creator account on GIPHY. Here are some tips that will help you do well:

By doing these things, you can build a successful artist account on GIPHY and get your art seen by more people.

Wrapping Up

In the end, opening a creator account on GIPHY is a great way for artists to show off their work and reach more people. Creating an account is easy, and if you follow the steps in this article, you'll be able to set up your account, upload your art, and start promoting it to a specific audience in no time.

To make sure people find your art on Giphy, you should use relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions to optimize your content. This will help your art show up in the right search results and make it more likely that other users will share it. Using GIPHY's analytics tools can also help you track how well your content does and make decisions based on data to improve it. When you look at your metrics on a regular basis, you can spot trends and change your strategy to better meet your audience's needs and preferences.

Lastly, sharing your art on social media is a good way to get people to visit your GIPHY profile and make you more visible. By making content that is interesting and using more than one platform, you can build a strong following of people who like your art. In short, artists who want to reach more people and connect with a wider audience should sign up for a creator account on GIPHY. By using the tips and best practices in this article, you can improve your content, track how well it's doing, and get your art in front of the right people. You can do well as an artist on GIPHY if you have the right plan and work hard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does GIPHY charge artists to open an account?

No, GIPHY does not charge artists to open an account or upload their artwork.

How can I promote my artwork on GIPHY?

You can get more people to see your art on GIPHY by using relevant keywords, tags, and descriptions to optimize your content, sharing your art on social media, and using GIPHY's analytics tools to track your performance and make decisions based on data.

Can I upload any type of artwork to GIPHY?

GIPHY accepts a wide range of content, including original artwork. However, it has rules about what it won't accept, such as content that is copyrighted or violent or sexually explicit.